Stop the formless meals for weight control

control foodLife accelerate, and meals-coffee and full breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, or a piece of pizza in the evening watching TV. Ultimately the power is fairly unstructured, however, respect the rhythms of food is the first rule to be followed to maintain a power balance and better weight control.

You should not skip meals, and to eat at a fixed time, taking time. These are the basic keys to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Continue reading “Stop the formless meals for weight control”

The weight control and nutrition

No wonder they say that beauty requires sacrifice. But for some reason these days girls are more likely to prefer to sacrifice the health.

Ladies, as you can pace yourself and starvation diets? When you finally realize that your body is necessary for the proper operation of nutrition? You, when you read a laudatory ode regular diet, though sometimes think about the reverse side of the coin? For example, the carbohydrate diet. I do not dispute that, after months on the carbohydrate diet, the volume will decrease, but at what expense? The body needs protein. If he does not come from food, the body begins to compensate for the lack, splitting muscle. In this case, the fat is not going away. Continue reading “The weight control and nutrition”

Weight control

Often, we do not overeat because we want to have, but just wanting to eat something delicious that is eat. Our usual goodies – sweet and fatty foods: chocolate, cake, sausage, etc. It is in the abuse of a meal rooted causes extra pounds.

Nutritionists advise not to feast on an empty stomach and do not replace the normal food delicacies. If you absolutely cannot do without the goodies, leave it for last, completing their meal. And eat it slowly, savoring every bite. So you have enough for the pleasure of a small number of no-go meals. Continue reading “Weight control”