Weekly diet for diabetics

 diabeticsMONDAY Weekly diet for diabetics
Breakfast: Yogurt + 4 tablespoons low-fat grains + 3 nuts
Mid-morning: 1 small apple + 1 slice of turkey
Lunch: Lentil and carrot, leek and green pepper. Grilled cuttlefish. Coffee or tea.
Snack: 1 slice of bread + 1 slice of ham
Dinner: soup julienne. Turkey cutlet. Infusion.

TUESDAY Weekly diet for diabetics
Breakfast: Coffee with semi skimmed milk + 2 slices of bread & low fat cheese.
Mid-morning: Crab Sticks + infusion.
Food: Green beans with paprika. Roasted chicken. Coffee or tea.
Snack: Pear + 3 almonds
Dinner: Cream of zucchini. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms . Infusion.
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