Weekend Watch Your Weight

Weight lossDieting can be a struggle for over weight people, especially on weekends when it’s time to relax from the stress of the work week.


The lack of structure and lots of delicious temptations, parties and restaurants can spell trouble for dieters.

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Watch your weight during pregnancy high-fat

pregnancy high-fatWe have exposed a new link between sleep and fatness suggests that what the mother ate during pregnancy can lead to obesity or overweight by altering the meaning of genes that regulate circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is biological rhythms or oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals. Interestingly, all animals, plants and all organisms probably show some variation rhythmic physiological (metabolic rate, heat production, flowering, etc.). Usually connected with environmental change rhythm.
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Brushing your teeth to watch your Weight Loss

Brushing your teethBrushing teeth after each meal is not only important for good oral fitness, but can be a trick to help you lose weight.
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