Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?

If your stomach is pushed forward, you will not only worry about yourself, but also have a reputation from women. In addition, such body types have excessive visceral fat and are at serious risk. How can I become slim?
What is visceral fat?
Visceral fat is accumulated in the body type that the stomach is stiff. Because fat concentrates mainly on the upper body, it is also called the apple body shape. As seen in women, the overwhelming majority are men.
If the abdominal circumference on an empty stomach is 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women, visceral fat may be excessive. So-called obese body.
Visceral fat adheres to the mesentery in the stomach. The original role is to keep the internal organs in the correct position and protect them from external impacts. In addition, there is a function to temporarily store excess energy in visceral fat. Continue reading “Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?”

How to deal with visceral fat

Extra fatVisceral fat body needs in small amounts, but an excess is dangerous because it leads to obesity and a number of internal organs ailments. In fact, how to deal with visceral fat, it is necessary to rely on the advice of professionals.

No representative of the human race is not able to live without the fat. Lipid cells are required as a reserve of energy, as a kind of heat shielding layer. Without them, a number of vital processes in the body stop.
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