Slimming qualities of fruits and vegetables

Slimming We know that these natural foods are excellent rewarding for its high fiber content. Fibers are inflated in the stomach, and the feeling of richness is fast. This limits the amount of food inspired over a day. The fruits and vegetables also contain seduce because very few calories.

We can eat our fill, without perturbing of the available energy. On the other hand, contain all kinds of vitamins. This is necessary to losing weight while staying active and in good humor, and do not have a general feeling of weariness. Continue reading “Slimming qualities of fruits and vegetables”

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season for health

fruitsExceptions can be imported fruits such as banana, coconut, avocado, and other exotics. But they should not get involved, because fruits are processed for long transportation special gas, so it makes sense to take out their top layer.

Greenhouse vegetables are often treated with chemical fertilizers , growth stimulants and other harmful substances that can easily accumulate in the fruit, so that from the tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter is to give.
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Recipes and not fattening-Turkey with herbs and vegetables frosty

not fatteningIf you want the star of the table is the traditional turkey, try this delicious recipe that will delight your guests.
The ingredients are calculated for 6.
ingredients :
1 turkey of between 3.5 and 4 kilos
2 lemons
1 bunch of sage
Oregano or marjoram
1 egg (to paint the turkey)
1 lime
10 cl dry white wine
2 teaspoons sweetener powder
Sea salt and black pepper grinder
Preheat oven to 170-180 degrees (gas mark 5-6). Turkey meat seasoned with salt and pepper.
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Diet rich in Vitamin C

vitamin CThe winter season should incorporate the nutrients , vitamins and minerals that our body needs to increase the defenses and keep them in optimum levels to withstand exposure to germs, enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, sudden temperature changes, work stress … Thus, the main thing is to provide an adequate amount of vitamin C in our diet with fruits and vegetables in season to get that in addition to strengthening our immune system, departures our bodies and help us regain figure after the excesses of Christmas. Notes!
Tangerines and kiwis
The delicious tangerines give us as much vitamin C as oranges, but with a lower caloric value.
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Weight loss methods

Weight LossThe minerals we are concerned in this system of weight loss. Very small amounts are needed daily for proper functioning of the body, silly amounts but essential. We are supposed to take place with this system we have to eat everything because, unless some radical sectors vegetarian food mixed with religion, human beings are omnivorous.

Our fight will be proteins and fats from carbohydrates. Will be two incompatible elements, and we isolate them. Later, when we are in the ideal weight, we can go mixing proteins with carbohydrates, which we should always avoid animal fat is mixed hydrates. Continue reading “Weight loss methods”