Benefits of soy

Soy has become one of the most important foods in recent years, only 5 years ago few knew it was soy, today all we know.

This vegetable is rich in vegetable protein and other nutrients are one of the most important sources of is flavored, compounds with similar chemical structure to estrogen.

Soy compared to other legumes, contributes as much iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, potassium and phosphorus, plus folic acid and other vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B6. Continue reading “Benefits of soy”

The history of this great red vegetable

vegetableThe plant tomato was known in Europe after Hernan Cortes brought back from Mexico, the Aztecs as a gift for the king of Spain. A Muslim took it from Spain to Italy later, and that’s how, little by little, its cultivation spread to Europe … although, as plant ornamental, not as food.

Because of its intense color red , everyone thought their poisonous fruit until the late nineteenth century caused a famine in the absence of food, people began to use it … and so came the tomato in the kitchen .

How is the scheme of this vegetable?

vegetableThis diet is done for a week (or three days) a month to reach your ideal weight. At other times you can eat whatever you want (in moderation), starting each meal with fresh juice of tomato.

The ideal time to begin it is now as during this month and next is the season of the tomato, which consume this vegetable with all its nutrients, having grown up with heat and cold chains without artificial.
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