How to lose weight after the holidays

 lose weight after the holidaysWeight loss in winter is different from summer to lose weight. Dietitians advise not to go hungry during frost and do not sit on a grueling diet. The protective functions of the body can be significantly lower due to a lack of nutrients. Because of this, during the cold season you can easily catch a cold or pneumonia. And the cold will feel badly frozen due to the usual lack of energy and strength.

How to lose weight after the holidays to lose weight after the New Year or Christmas and has become a for valentine’s Day? Many women want to lose a few extra kilos of Valentine’s Day, and on the street – frost and winter weight loss is fraught with certain risks and dangers. Experts, nutritionists believe that the weight loss in the winter in cold weather can be. You just need to do it right! Continue reading “How to lose weight after the holidays”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with no Fast Weight

DietIt is about Valentine’s Day and with it the celebrations and gifts. That the celebration does not involve extra calorie consumption, we present some recommendations.

1.  Do not give away chocolates, truffles, candy, etc.

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