Women’s Soccer: Five Places to train

women soccerThe evolution of women’s football continues to rise. Prejudices left behind and the idea of women who practice this sport look or lose femininity and became an absurdity. Now, we also went out to show our talent on the court.

Currently, there are schools for women to perfect the technique, have a good time with friends and compete in different tournaments without losing any of the female spirit. Continue reading “Women’s Soccer: Five Places to train”

Train with your weight

There are millions of excuses to skip a training session: you work, the gym sucks, your child is sick or there game on TV. So forget, now you have an excuse not to skip any more: your body weight is all you need to burn fat and get the whole body fitness. In the final analysis, to gain strength all you have to do is pose challenges your muscles, and the programs of this poster are designed to do just that: no need any equipment. We also speed up metabolism by keeping the pulse at high levels. We, who are the ultimate fitness plan for non-stop. No excuses. Continue reading “Train with your weight”