What affects the weight of a teenager?

teenagerThe University of Indiana as a result of the 18-month study on overweight schoolchildren, was to identify the major impact of consumption of soda, watching TV, hobbies video and computer games,   as well as the frequency of meals on the weight of the students.


The more a child is drinking soda and watching TV, the more likely he gets the extra weight. The more meals a day, the less likely to gain weight. Participation in team sports also allows you to maintain a healthy weight.

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How to weight lose a teenager?

Slim youngerThe difficulties with many youthful people take poor diet. Crisps, sweets, cakes, biscuits, fast food – all this leads to obesity. Parents how to teach children not to nutrition, because they themselves do not know anything about it.
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Diet for obese teenager

Weight loseTeenager and you have to lose weight. You realize that you have to change something, but do not know why or how to start. The diet is a very important issue for teenagers like you who suffer from overweight as it seeks to improve the quality of life, thinking not so distant future.
As a teenager you know why every day there are more young people who are overweight like you? , here the answers:
You make little to no physical activity.
You find many hours watching television, video games consoles or computer.
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