How often can you do stretching exercises?

exercisesAlready ran several kilometers. You already did your routine with weights through a series of strength-training exercises. Could you even add some extra time on the exercise bike. Now you’re ready to shower. Not so rapid. Do stretching exercises and what?

Benefits of stretching
Stretch increases the flexibility. Flexible muscles can improve their daily performance. Tasks such as lift a package off the ground, lean for tying your shoes or running to reach the bus easier and less fatiguing.
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Stretching – Shape your body without effort

body shapeProper stretching will achieve improve your figure, you move with more grace and avoid further injury.

The routine better known as tables stretching) is to work the body from within, stretching muscles, caring posture and proper execution of each movement.

Due to its enormous benefits, this practice has always been a vital part of training of dancers and athletes.
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Weight Lose for Stretching Arms

Fast ArmsSomething you can do for a few minutes. You can do it sitting or standing. Because they are very simple, you can do even at work. This will improve blood circulation in your arms and shoulders.

Push-ups (Lizards)
This is done upside down on your chest and putting your arms in line with your shoulders. Descant the palms of your hands on the floor. Strive without bending your back. Pause for a while and then returns to the first position. You can repeat this exercise for 10 times.
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