Get a Flat Belly Reducing Stress

Flat Belly Today I come with a very interesting post that will help you get a flat stomach by reducing stress levels. To get a flat stomach, in addition to a proper diet in which you must make 5 meals a day, take at least two servings of vegetables, a piece of protein in each meal, three pieces of fruit, whole grains and drink plenty of water;

It is also advisable to practice sports on a regular basis. You already know that I always advise combining aerobic exercises with strength exercises with machines in the gym. With all this, you should start to notice improvements and see that your belly is shrinking. If after all this, you see that you still do not get a flat stomach, it can be due to two more reasons: Continue reading “Get a Flat Belly Reducing Stress”

How to Manage Stress and Weight Loss

Weight LossHow to Manage Stress and Weight Loss. This makes it hard to concentrate, makes your heart race, and that makes you feel out of control. Stress affects us mentally and emotionally, but also affects us physically.

When stress, your body releases the hormone cortical. Cortical occurs naturally in the human body during times of increased awareness. However, when cortical is produced in excess due to stress, it can cause weight gain and negative health effects. Continue reading “How to Manage Stress and Weight Loss”

Lose weight without stress

There are many ways to lose weight, but most take away free time. Here we look at five common problems, and we give you five quick fixes.

Are you one of those guys who start their day at dawn and end up (hopefully) shortly before midnight? Invariably, your meals leave crumbs in the keyboard or get announced by the ringing of the microwave. The last thing I need to add to your list of daily tasks has to go shopping in specialty stores, weigh food, count calories or cook three healthy meals a day, let alone find time for the gym. Try these tips proven to lose weight without losing precious time. Continue reading “Lose weight without stress”

Exercise and Stress

your healthExercise may not be the most exciting word in his vocabulary, it sure is a word with a many benefits. Participating in daily exercise will not only healthier in general, but also may decrease the effects of stress on your body as well.

Think about all the times you’ve heard someone say, “the doctor says it is stress related”. Normally, people will laugh, concluding that doctors say that when they do not know the real answers or diagnosis. The truth of the matter is that too much stress plays a role in many diseases.
Continue reading “Exercise and Stress”