Exercises that will strengthen your back muscles

strengthenA set of exercises that will strengthen your back muscles and help you to speed rehabilitation after injury.

For greater efficiency of each exercise, which we will describe below, should be performed 10 times, preferably in 2 sets.
All you need to purchase a pair of dumbbells weighing 2.5 kg each, tape-shock, as well as a special ball called fitball.

Exercise for the spine – twisting
Sit on the ball, feet should be under 90, the back should be straight and your feet hip-width apart.
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Fat Burning Exercises for Breast

Exercises for BreastFull size Exercises for Breast have usually been seen as a positive physical prettiness. However, women who have surplus fat in this area may experience back pain and shame, especially if they are sagging breasts.
The breast tissue is fatty tissue accumulates as fat in the body. To get rid of chest fat, you need to do Cardiod workouts, resistance training and follow a clean diet. There are plenty of exercises targeting the chest muscles to help firm, lift and burn fat from the breasts.
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