Get some steps to keep us younger longer

so youngThe secret of eternal life. Slaves to lead the healthy as possible and live well longer.  The kind of life that many people carry makes many suffer multiple disorders their habits. Common chronic stress such moments of extreme anxiety, a lack of energy and a general neglect of our body. And besides, this brings us to lose interest more time to find a healthy diet and do some kind of physical activity. 

Lack of time-one of the great evils of the modern world, a sedentary lifestyle, fast food and sweetened beverage consumption with excess sugars, and the repetition of a poor quality feed will be added to other stimulants such as snuff, caffeine, alcohol.

Moreover, the consumption of saturated fats recurrent will disturb the metabolism and internal cause increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which leads to an increased risk of suffering a Cardin-circulatory disease such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart, and strokes. Due to these factors many people present, states of overweight, obesity and predicaments, which makes complicated health starts at an early age.   When we build awareness of the risks to our health to take such of life is the time to adopt new healthy habits to prevent deterioration of our body, and aging. Continue reading “Get some steps to keep us younger longer”

Ten basic steps to lose weight ten kilos

lose weight Get fit and your body is the envy of the pool and the beach this summer? Notes and get going!

Time to look Do not you dare palm because you left the care of your body waiting until the last minute, have you hidden during the winter under thick layers of clothing?
You’re on time! You know what to do if you want to lose weight? Takes note of the 10 obligations you must follow to the letter from today and you will achieve down to 10 kilos … And enjoy the summer!
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