Control your weight as Sarah Jessica Parker without starving

Sarah JessicaControlling your weight is not a special effort for her, because he says it is in their DNA, but their secret has been discovered. Hamptons Diet! This eating plan is all the rage in Hollywood, has ten golden rules that you can skip if you want to be as great as the actress who gave life to the unforgettable Carrie Bradshaw in the legendary series Sex and the City. the diet based their recipes in the high consumption of vegetable protein and animals , leaving very little room for carbohydrates. Pasta, rice and bread, especially if they are not comprehensive, are prohibited, as is the sugar refining. The Mediterranean diet is a good base to carry out this diet you will lose the weight without any hunger. These are the ten commandments of the Hamptons Diet: Continue reading “Control your weight as Sarah Jessica Parker without starving”

Lose weight without starving

DietThe problem of the diets traditional? That after a few days, the stop doing and immediately turn to fat. The reason for this fiasco is summarized in one word hunger!

To live on fish and steamed vegetables is effective, but does not feed. In addition, the body begins to feel the irresistible call little something sweet after a meal. Continue reading “Lose weight without starving”

Diet without starving

Starvation dietsStarvation diets or losing weight too fast in the past, this may be a benefit rather than something that really seriously impair physical health.

The good news is, metabolic damage can be repaired. You just need the right combination to stimulate the metabolism with exercise and nutrition needed to achieve this and not just a diet and this anger will eventually yield positive results. Continue reading “Diet without starving”

Lose weight without starving the revolutionary Montignac method.

Montignac dietMontignac Diet-This diet developed by French physician Montignac which owes its name, debunks the theory of calorie and opens a door to all those who want to reduce weight without suppressing so attractive and nutritious foods such as chocolate, wine and fermented cheese.
According Montignac, on diets based on reducing calories is an error, because the weight loss that occurs with this type of diet is only temporary, later, the body will adjust and tend to eat fewer calories as a mechanism for defense. At the same time, says Montignac, the weight will recover and even increase slightly from that was before starting the diet, creating striking metabolic imbalances and frustrations.
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Diet to lose weight without starving

diet to lose weightDiet to lose weight without starving need not go to a nutritionist to lose weight and start taking care of your body, enough to know what foods should and should not eat in your diet to lose weight quickly.

The following foods are those that can help you remove fat from your belly and your whole body, maintaining a high level of energy to improve your performance at work, your family, sports, the options are many.

As I said before you have a large variety of options in the list of healthy foods, in addition you can combine in many ways, so you are eating foods that stimulate your metabolism to burn fat better while improving your health.
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