Cross Fit: you need to know

What is Cross Fit?
The Cross Fit is a fitness program that combines Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, ply metric exercises and some other hard to categorize as a rope climb. The workouts are short and intense, and constantly changing.

There is nothing like the tedious sessions, long and monotonous than any regular gym has been doing for most of his adult life. Continue reading “Cross Fit: you need to know”

Improve your sprints with squats

Work the lower trunk and accelerate your sprints

Want to run faster?
British researchers have found that exercises that work the lower body to help achieve a faster sprint.
In the study, men held sessions twice a week up to 4 sets of each four-legged exercise.

The benefits of doing sprints

The sprints are a very simple speed training them offer much more than a great calorie burning. In fact the benefit of doing sprints, and incorporate those into a regular routine are really fantastic. Look at all the sprints have to offer.