Soup diet for weight loss

Soup diet What are the benefits of the soup diet. Of all the food used by man, soups best stimulate proper digestion, warm the body, reinforces the healthy intestinal micro flora, normalizing motility in parallel, derive from the body, actively influence the blood circulation and metabolism.

Remarkably, digesting the soup, the body expends more calories than it receives from it in the process of power. Continue reading “Soup diet for weight loss”

Lose 4 to 7 kilos with the soup diet

What is the soup diet?
The soup diet is designed in a U.S. hospital for people with heart disease and overweight, they needed to lose kilos before undergoing surgery.

You have to eat for 7 days only what makes the soup diet to lose 4.5 to 7 kilos, eliminating alcohol, flour and its derivatives, sweets and fizzy drinks. Continue reading “Lose 4 to 7 kilos with the soup diet”