Diet to quit smoking without gaining weight

The entry into force of the new smoking ban is on the lips of many; and it is estimated that over three million people try to quit smoking this year. For this reason, it is interesting to make you get this information from the unit Slimming and Nutrition Comprehensive Aesthetic Medical Center in Spain, and in view of the extension of the smoking ban we offer some useful tips to dispense snuff winless kilos.

Nicotine besides creating a physical and psychological dependence, is a metabolic stimulant, so you still eating the same, to remove the stimulus, it is much more difficult to burn calories. Typically, then, that the state of anxiety push binge, and gain kilos. Continue reading “Diet to quit smoking without gaining weight”

The diet after stopping smoking

stopping smokingSmoking has caused, among other things that the New Year many have decided to quit. But one of the difficulties usually present to their addiction is an eating disorder, because as the snuff a stimulant of metabolism, the body goes to spend less calories, which meets the frequent practice of combating anxiety with food, so it is very common that the scale reflects some extra kilos.

Diet Gourmet nutritionists, healthy catering business at home; want to share a number of practical recommendations that will facilitate smoking cessation as damaging kilo without winning over the road.
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