Slimming Diet 5 Kilos In 3 Days

slimming dietThis diet is a combination of low calories, chemically compatible foods to make you lose weight. This Slimming Diet is for 3 days and you rest 4 days later. So your metabolism does not slow down like in other diets.

For this diet you occupy discipline and determination. Those who fail with the diet feel hungry and low energy because they are used to eating many calories. That’s how they got fat, eating more calories than they actually did. Many people simply do not have the commitment to lose weight. What are only 3 days of diet to lose 5 kilos? Continue reading “Slimming Diet 5 Kilos In 3 Days”

Mayo Clinic Diet

DietThis technique involves a poor intake of diet carbohydrates and fats. Indicates that day, should consume only 600 to 900 kilo calories.

This is a program encompassed in ketogenic diets, which promise an immediate loss of kilos (six to seven in two weeks), although in reality many of these kilos do is reduce the heavy loss of fluids causes.

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