Ten tips to lose weight healthily

tips to lose weightPeople are looking to lose weight quickly and simply, in a way that does not require too much dedication. For the truth is that there are no magic formulas.

Today Point Fape show you how to remove those extra kilos easy and healthy way. Of course, as all that is good, requires a little effort.

First we must know what is overweight with which we, if greater than 5-7 kilos, you should go to a professional, and there may be some hormonal disorder or other problem type. Continue reading “Ten tips to lose weight healthily”

Why men slim faster?

Slim tips manNormally, it is known that women tend to lose weight more slowly and less time after time because their hormones suffer intermittent changes and retain more fluid than men, so these tend to lose weight faster. Furthermore, weight loss on them depends much more on the emotional.

However, the faster you turn out to be thinner men should not only because they can not. According to a study by Ohio State University in the U.S. said they produce more enzymes in the digestive tract that helps them burn as much abdominal fat compared with women, which favors a greater loss of weight, physical movement and follow a diet. Continue reading “Why men slim faster?”

Super foods Diet

Super DietWhile diet is basically a question of how much burning compared to how much you eat, it is also true that you will do better and faster to the extent that your meals healthier and more nutritious. The more healthy foods you favor are your most processes and hormones you need to lose weight.

So what better way to do that in your plan counting what are known as super foods? That’s why today we want to share with you about how many of these foods that contribute significantly to a better weight loss. Let’s see them. Continue reading “Super foods Diet”

Dieting junk or healthy?

junk foodNo scrap food, junk diets because there are combination that endorse weight gain and fat accumulation in the body, says nutritionist Carmen Oses.

Dieting expert if the three main meals of the day as well as the respective collations are balanced diet becomes healthier.

However, if we surpass the amount of protein, carbohydrates and sugars in a single day, the development of obesity is encouraged.

Continue reading “Dieting junk or healthy?”

Ten Anti-fat foods

Burn fat food1. Beef flank steak

Excellence protein slows digestion, preventing spikes in blood sugar that cause fat accumulation.

2. Grilled salmon

It is cargadito of omega-3, which serve to burn the bad fats from the body.

Continue reading “Ten Anti-fat foods”

The diagram to burn fat

Slim 10 exercises for burn fat that work every part of your body. Then, we have transformed each year in a 60-second station so you can test your heart and lungs as well as your muscles.

The final product is a high-intensity circuit designed to burn fat, describe your chest, abs and arms, and to raise the roof of your sporting ability. Sculpt an athletic and muscular body and you’ll be fitter than ever. Continue reading “The diagram to burn fat”

Two attitude about losing weight distorted

lose weightHave you killed abdominal crunches ever? How many of us have believed them belly would vanish and our best times? Two attitude about losing weight distorted

But that’s just one of the beliefs, others have thought that completely ignoring exercise and stop eating would get the body you always dreamed of and that would only make them lose weight. Continue reading “Two attitude about losing weight distorted”

6 tips you can implement today to accelerate your weight loss

Slim tipsHere are 6 tips on weight loss can make a big difference from today at the results you get …

The amount of calories you consume can be reduced in a remarkable way and automatically improve your nutrition if you limit your drinks to water and different types of tea.

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Three nutritional lies about weight loss

 weight lossMuch of what you hear, and unfortunately is implemented blindly, has no basis. Today three unmask the lies that say on your diet to lose weight loss.

One Is it true that carbohydrates are fattening?

Yes and no. Not all carbohydrates are the same and if you exceed the bad (sugar, white flour and refined) definitely will make you fat. Continue reading “Three nutritional lies about weight loss”

The challenge while it come to loss weight

loss weightNot just diet and work out thins. We have said many times, changing your body is primarily a mental process in which you will face many challenge of everyday life, especially if your lifestyle is not exactly a healthy one without lose weight.

Today we want to plot a few situations that have nothing to do directly with the food and exercise but with perceptions and challenges when losing weight.

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