Why Is He Not Overweight and Not Very Fat, But His Belly Is Very Big?

flat slimWhether it is in our fitness training or in our daily life, we will encounter some various problems more or less.

For example, such a question, that is why I am not overweight, nor very fat, but my belly is very big? I don’t know if you have thought about this issue. Continue reading “Why Is He Not Overweight and Not Very Fat, But His Belly Is Very Big?”

When obesity becomes an obsession

Slim obesityMany people in their desperation to lose the extra weight you have installed on your obesity figure, even resort to extreme methods to achieve their goal.

The prototype of the perfect figure either male or female is something that advertising and media sold to all persons,

Lots of false promises about miracle diets, apparatus for reducing massage, natural herbs, algae, and a number of products that promise to reduce body weight and achieve a spectacular figure, arrive daily to many people. Continue reading “When obesity becomes an obsession”

Diet Flat Abs

flat absDiet flat abs has been designed to help you achieve a flat stomach in addition to toning the abdomen.

Very similar to the Mediterranean diet is characterized by eating foods with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, such as nuts, olive oil and vegetables, focusing on the consumption of vegetables and fruits that help the liver to release more effectively fat also enhancing the immune system. Continue reading “Diet Flat Abs”

The Secret to Get Abdominal

Slim absIt is not easy to get some abdominal dream and may many of you look with nostalgia to the covers of the magazine thinking that you are totally unable to achieve that look. The lifestyle that you must take to get abdominal ones in which can grate bread. You can get it, but it needs hard work, commitment and, above all, know the techniques to lose weight you have to do to get them.

If you exercise in the wrong way, you end up sweating for nothing. Instead of treating yourself with hardness, why not start informing you in advance of what you must do? Here and we will now tell you techniques to lose weight you need to know to get those abs that you dream of. Continue reading “The Secret to Get Abdominal”

Creams to burn Abdominal Fat

 Abdominal FatA waist of many than 89 cms for a woman and more than 102 for a man may increase the risk of Creams to burn Abdominal Fat having high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, diseases of the heart, dementia and cancers of breast, colon and econometric.

Are there really creams to burn Abdominal Fat?

Many people who want to get a flat belly, uses normally expensive creams already which considered them as the solution to that difficult to remove fat, it accumulates in the abdomen and that we cannot eliminate. Continue reading “Creams to burn Abdominal Fat”

Healthy and diet thin autumn

Healthy and diet thin autumnIn diet thin autumn, usually to terminate the holiday: we rejoined the younger work and back to school. Seasonal change and return to the routine of work make us feel a bit tired and stressed.

Appropriate to include in our diet foods like pasta, rice, vegetables or potatoes that provide energy and are low in fat. They should not miss the vitamins and minerals, remembering that stress can influence their loss. To accommodate the arrival of autumn through the kitchen must use daily foods that provide energy,
Continue reading “Healthy and diet thin autumn”

Diet for lose weight

lose weightThis is a diet to lose weight 7 kilos in two months, and best of all, you do not have to go hungry or stop eating the things you love. It is important that you consistencies you can get, because if you start with negative thoughts is better than or start. This last thing you read will make you concentrate and you stay on the road.

Tips you should follow this diet to lose weight

Drink two liters of water a day at least. This amount must be taken throughout the day, but this diet is not advisable to take it with meals. In addition, it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after every meal, before drinking water. Continue reading “Diet for lose weight”

How to eliminate belly?

Slim StomachThe belly swells, accumulating adipose Learn more about lipids. To learn how to reduce or eliminate it, follow our advice.

The belly protects the digestive system and is affected by the slightest problem with digestion. Fermentation, fizzy drinks, swallowed air eating, constipation, but also stress or strong emotions: the belly gets swollen and sore. Here are some tips to address this annoying problem:

Eat calmly. Eating standing up, hurriedly and in crowded places helps swallowing air and slows digestion. Try Magyar sitting at the table for at least half an hour and chew each bite well; Continue reading “How to eliminate belly?”