Fight Abdominal Fat

Bally fatA fresh U.S. study, one hundred patients tested, based on a preparation of hormones and for six months have shown that fat abdominal disappeared in most cases.

It is true that as we age, our rate of enlargement hormones decreases. From age 30, the low secretion considerably.

The same applies to the sex hormones, which are significantly poorer. With tropopause, testosterone is produced in smaller amounts. Leading to the disappearance of sexual desire. Continue reading “Fight Abdominal Fat”

The Secret to Get Abdominal

Slim absIt is not easy to get some abdominal dream and may many of you look with nostalgia to the covers of the magazine thinking that you are totally unable to achieve that look. The lifestyle that you must take to get abdominal ones in which can grate bread. You can get it, but it needs hard work, commitment and, above all, know the techniques to lose weight you have to do to get them.

If you exercise in the wrong way, you end up sweating for nothing. Instead of treating yourself with hardness, why not start informing you in advance of what you must do? Here and we will now tell you techniques to lose weight you need to know to get those abs that you dream of. Continue reading “The Secret to Get Abdominal”