ExercisingImportance of using appropriate sports apparel Sport is completely healthy. if it is done correctly. Conduct a sport conveniently perform well based on the movements, stay well hydrated, in making it with an intensity suited to our abilities and make it with the appropriate sports clothing .

The latter seems logical, but many people neglect. And this error may have more serious consequences than we think, we will be making the sport longer and healthier we will be becoming a risky activity.

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Error of young skin

Skin careAbout 90% of teenagers suffer from acne. According to statistics, 75-90% of young people aged 14 to 20 years, one way or another are faced with this problem. Even after 25 years, she continues to excite the 40% of young people.

The fact is that during this period begins to appear in the work of the reproductive system, that is, in the body there are new substances, namely, androgens – male sex hormones. Highly sensitive to androgens sebaceous gland starts to produce more sebum, this is the cause of acne.
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Balanced diet for health and beauty skin

In order for your skin is healthy and clean, ideal diet, which includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, a diet rich in fiber, poor fats, which minimized the use of sugar and salt. Such a diet will supply the body and skin all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for their proper functioning.

One way to sort out in what particular substances your body needs – is to draw attention to the state and signals its organs and systems. Continue reading “Balanced diet for health and beauty skin”

Foods that assist skin tanning

skin tanningMaybe you’ve heard that eating mango; carrot or pumpkin helps to chocolate the skin, but may not know that eating spinach, lettuce, kiwi or regularly also helps skin tan without sun exposure. All these fruits and vegetables have this consequence because its vitamins beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A.

And what is its meaning? As these vitamins protect us from skin from sun damage and increase melanin formation, defense has the body to ward off the sun’s rays. So no need to abuse the sun, or risking dangerous and painful burns to achieve an attractive tan.
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