Why Increase the Numbers of Overweight?

extra weightThe rates of Overweight people in the world will not stop increasing. And it seems kilos found to exceed us. But why we have become ‘fat’? The first answer that comes to mind is that we eat too much. And indeed, one might think that yes, we eat too … But only if we take into account the energy we expend there’s the another’s, as it all time has been.

Think of our great-grandmothers, around 1900, who ate 500 calories a day more than us and they were probably a perfect weight, without suffering or obesity or overweight. The reason? Very simple: they had no car, no heat or a supermarket just around the corner. They moved, walked, fought against the cold … All of which consumed more than those 500 calories. Continue reading “Why Increase the Numbers of Overweight?”