The top secret to dependable weight loss

dietThis simple example can be extended to almost any field of activity. The identical diet. Often we are trying to tempt some exotic system, promising a guaranteed weight loss of 25 pounds in a week .Not to mention the reality of such proposals, think for yourself – whether good sharp loss of much weight to the body? And how long the effect will last?

Those who agree with the above arguments, we propose an original system of sequential loss of excess weight. It is based on the principle of cyclic in the diet. The idea is simple and is similar to the idea of cycling exercise. If you are doing the same exercises, your body gets used to the program of activities and stops to respond to stress. To be useful, they must diversify. The same principle applies to the diet. Continue reading “The top secret to dependable weight loss”

The secret to slimness of French women


Have you ever wondered why there are no French women approximately full? It would seem that the French cuisine – is a paradise for gourmets: the famous French pates, cheeses, wines – all this abundance does not contribute to the keeping pleasant figure.

Meanwhile, the majority of French women remain slim until old age. Maybe they have more resolution than ours? French women know or some special secret? Let’s see how these women eat that is considered a benchmark in the world of grace.

Vanessa Paradise


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Secret of weight loss

Secret slim tipsThe diet does not fatten more. The Gym makes your skin will not remain colander and see your muscles in shape. And you walk away fat and tones. These are the three golden rules to lose kilos.

Some were lowered very quickly and others more slowly. I have already said that I have no hurry, I want to lose weight naturally and unhurriedly. One of the things they say is that if you want to lose weight and then not go up, you have to do it very slowly.
Took a month to diet and exercise in the Gym. Currently I have 114.2 kg and 44.2% fat.
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The secret to losing weight easily

losing weightLose weight and lean look is every a difficult task, but this time we give some beauty tips, which will help you always look thin and pretty.

One of the tricks used is to replace junk food high in sugar and fat in natural food, full of vitamins and minerals, but it is also important to nourish the body and always full of energy, for example one of the biggest problems with for dessert, the same, we can substitute fresh fruit or a fruit salad, this certainly will help us to nourish our body with vitamins and remove excess sugar.
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