Eight foods never eat out of season

8 FoodsThe best lettuces grow in late winter and early spring when it is still chilly outside. This allows the lettuce to achieve the maximum level of crispiness, as well as the highest sugar content, making early spring the best time of year for sweet, crunchy salads.

In the off-season, rather than buy bagged lettuces, consider using lettuce alternatives like kale, as in this recipe for Black Kale Salad with Currants, or red or green cabbage, as in this Autumn Salad. The season for both of those greens lingers into the winter.
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Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season for health

fruitsExceptions can be imported fruits such as banana, coconut, avocado, and other exotics. But they should not get involved, because fruits are processed for long transportation special gas, so it makes sense to take out their top layer.

Greenhouse vegetables are often treated with chemical fertilizers , growth stimulants and other harmful substances that can easily accumulate in the fruit, so that from the tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter is to give.
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