The Golden Rules of Fitness Diet


The Golden Rules of Fitness Diet – I’ll never know. Just in time for the end of the day I feel squeezed like a lemon, and effort is only to ensure that the house collapse on the sofa. First I went to the doctors. I passed a bunch of tests, and no avail. It turned out that all the parameters I’m healthy, and its status as a sort of pretend.

I went to the doctors on. Reached acupuncture and brain imaging. And all to no avail. And my problem in the end – the end decided nutritionist from my own fitness club. It turns out I only ate wrong! Failed to comply with three golden rules of fitness diet. Continue reading “The Golden Rules of Fitness Diet”

Rules for Slim and fitness training program

fitnessSlim and fitness classes need to pay attention each part training program to achieve the best possible results inspiring. This will give you a quality start and will quickly reach their goals. Fitness training should include aerobic exercise for the cardiovascular system, by stretching and develop flexibility and strength exercises.
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Rules of the spring diet

DietAll woman wants to give him up – to lose weight, to refresh the complexion, give your hair shine. All this can be achieved through diet. Certainly recommend something specific to all impossible. After all, each of us has different conditions, different problems and different “raw data”. However, there are universal rules of a healthy diet. From them you can easily make an individual diet, full and convenient in everyday life.

Says Chief Dietician of St. Petersburg, the Academy of AEN, Professor, Head of the Department of Food Hygiene and Nutrition with clinical therapeutic feeding the St. Petersburg Medical Academy. II Mechnikov Vladimir A. Dotsenko.
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Vital rules of losing weight on a diet

weight loseIf the mesh weight is because your anxiety and want to fast lose a few extra pounds, do not despair! There are 10 easy rules by which your figure will come in the best condition, and you lastly get rid of the problems with being overweight.

So, let’s start our expedition into the world of harmony! Today we’ll show you a few golden rules that will guarantee the desired effect. Maybe someone does seem strange, but the excess weight and related problems begin with the head, or rather with the thoughts and ideas about their bodies.
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Basic rules for losing weight

weight loseWeight loss is required to change the habits of both food as a way of life we must also consider some important points that we not only make you look better with a figure, but also providing them with adequate health quality of life.

The first thing to consider is changing our daily activities to increase our routine a few minutes of exercise a day, sport is essential if you want to lose weight, like the consumption of natural water and is 2 to 3 liters per day.
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