Risks of self-medication

medicationThe obesity or overweight is a problem that affects more and more people, and more and more people resort to indiscriminate use of pills without taking real awareness of the side effects of weight loss medications , and the risks of self-medication . So in this article I will tell you, you’re probably worried about your weight and want to know what is the best way to lose.

The obesity can be approached from two points of view:
Not that I go to downplay physical appearance and less today, in the world in which we live, but here and now, the most important thing is your health. Addressing obesity as a health problem is not a minor issue, this may be the gateway to other diseases such as:
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Risks of diet pills

DietWeight lose and diet has been distorted into a nightmare for more women it is not very easy to perform, many women revolving to cosmetic treatments for weight lose such as weight lose patches, pills, diets, rigorous, injections , etc. But all this has its benefits and also its disadvantage as is the case of diet pills.

These pills assure while losing weight quickly, are unhealthy and which are composed of chemical elements that can do great damage to the body especially can cause hormonal imbalance and altered states of humor.
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