Risk of obesity

 lose weightBeing overweight, means being exposed to a number of diseases that sooner or later end up affecting the health of a person, in this post I want you to understand why it is important to lose weight and stay in shape obesity.

Many people dismiss this fact and therefore give little or no importance, so it is important to impress upon these people, the consequences of being over weight, if you’re over weight, as you are in a good place and surely have all the enthusiasm and desire to lose weight healthily , if the case is that you have an acquaintance or family member who suffers from obesity Continue reading “Risk of obesity”

Exercise reduces risk of cancer in women

cancer in womenWomen who daily exercises that make you sweat are at 30% lower risk of detrimental cancer, concludes a new study.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed 14 previous studies England and found that physical activity reduces the risk of this variety of cancer by 20% to 40% compared with sedentary women. The study is published online in the British Journal of Cancer. It was funded by the National Cancer Institute.
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