Childhood overweight and diet rich in sugars

overweightThe diet should be based on carbohydrates, it is essential that physical exercise so you can control your weight. Physical activity can do is any choice, biking, walking, running, playing football, etc..

he key is to practice physical exercise every day for half an hour to mobilize fatty deposits.

Other diet tips that can be practiced to prevent childhood overweight are:
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The Japanese diet- rich, healthy and effective!

dietJapanese diet as a method of thinning. The keys are not in the quantities of food but in the philosophy of an ancient culture that have been applied also to the kitchen. Therefore, before starting this type of regime should take into account the following principles should follow literally and allow you to propose how many kilos you want to lose … And get it! Notes:-Many types of food eaten in small quantities, at the same meal.
Include lots of vegetables in your menu. Do not forget also seaweed and fruit!
Use broth to flavor fish and vegetable dishes, instead of butter, oil or heavy sauces.
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Diet rich in Vitamin C

vitamin CThe winter season should incorporate the nutrients , vitamins and minerals that our body needs to increase the defenses and keep them in optimum levels to withstand exposure to germs, enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, sudden temperature changes, work stress … Thus, the main thing is to provide an adequate amount of vitamin C in our diet with fruits and vegetables in season to get that in addition to strengthening our immune system, departures our bodies and help us regain figure after the excesses of Christmas. Notes!
Tangerines and kiwis
The delicious tangerines give us as much vitamin C as oranges, but with a lower caloric value.
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Weight Lose Diet Rich in Fiber

Diet Rich in FiberWhy maintain a Weight Lose diet rich in fiber? What are the benefits offered by the fiber in our diet? Do you really plays an important role of fiber in the digestive process and further, the fiber is an important element in maintaining good health?

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Weight Lose Diet Rich in Iron

Diet Rich in IronWeight Lose Diet Rich in Iron is one of the most important minerals must be present in the diet of people. A diet rich in iron will make our body is healthy, because this mineral is the main component of hemoglobin in the blood. This hemoglobin is the one responsible for carrying oxygen to all tissues of the body.

Weight Lose Diet Rich in Iron

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