Tips for reducing fat intake in your diet

Use olive oil instead of butter, choose lean meats or herbs used in the preparation of the recipes are some of the recommendations.

No doctor not advice. Moreover, avoid excess fat┬áin the diet, has become one of the key recommendations of the WHO. Health Organization, in order to combat and prevent many diseases. And although this is not always easy, yes there are a number of tips that can help get to all those who wish to do so: Continue reading “Tips for reducing fat intake in your diet”

Recommendations for reducing thighs

reducing thighsExercises and thighs reduce to a minimum we should avoid eating fat. The most recommended are proteins like lean meat and eggs to reduce the fat and muscle benefits legs.
You should also drink plenty of water a day should consume at least a half liter of fluid to remove accumulated toxins.

Avoid salty foods or sugar accumulates in the thigh and buttocks. It’s much better to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in minerals and vitamins, are low calorie and help maintain the line.
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Reducing Calories for Weight Lose

Reducing caloriesWeight lose diet are based on the calories you consume, not macronutrient, meaning they carbohydrates, protein and fat in the diet there. If it is true that their diets, for example, 1000 calories, which differ according to whether one of them more or less macronutrients.

That is why one can ask what is the difference between them and the truth is that if we relied on a study that was conducted in February 2009 in The New England Journal of Medicine by members of the Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health Harvard University there are not many, mostly because almost all lost the same weight whether they will use a diet rich in macronutrients or poorer in them.
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