Benefits and contraindications of red tea diet.

TeaRed tea is nothing more than green tea , after a maturation process. This infusion is ancient and has been adopted by the Eastern culture, thanks to its medicinal properties, among which stand out the properties of red tea diet. However, beyond the benefits, their inclusion in the diet may also have contraindications.

Red tea has many virtues, so much so that its benefits are more widely their contraindications. One of its properties, is an excellent complement to any weight loss diet.
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The history of this great red vegetable

vegetableThe plant tomato was known in Europe after Hernan Cortes brought back from Mexico, the Aztecs as a gift for the king of Spain. A Muslim took it from Spain to Italy later, and that’s how, little by little, its cultivation spread to Europe … although, as plant ornamental, not as food.

Because of its intense color red , everyone thought their poisonous fruit until the late nineteenth century caused a famine in the absence of food, people began to use it … and so came the tomato in the kitchen .