Protein Diet: Lose Weight With Protein

How can i lose weight Fast

The protein diet promises quick weight loss successes, without cravings and the yo-yo effect. Because proteins keep you full for a long time and regulate the blood sugar level. Everything about protein diets, benefits, experiences – plus: three simple recipes with extra protein power and nutrition plan!
Low carb nutrition plans like the Atkins diet or the ketogenic diet promise to shed the pounds in a healthy way – without cravings or constant ups and downs in weight. But is that really true? Continue reading “Protein Diet: Lose Weight With Protein”

Harm Protein Diets

Harm proteinEight major foods that help lower preserving our recognized as the richest source of vitamin from the Swedish Medical Institute at Harvard University and the U.S. as a result of a joint study concluded that protein diets increase the risk of heart disease and can lead to heart attacks strokes. For 16 years, scientists have observed the state of women’s health. The study included 43.4 thousand Swedish women between the ages of 30 free diet for weight loss 49 years.

They are regularly informed about their diet and lifestyle. Also take into account factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, level of activity, the consumption of fat, which could affect the results of the study. Continue reading “Harm Protein Diets”

Protein vitamin diet

vitamin dietThe method of feeding with remarkable results. Judging by the reviews, ten days of protein vitamin diet is reset to five pounds in weight. It is important not to confuse eating protein and vitamin fruit, it will have to strictly adhere to the menu. You can make it up on their own, we, in turn, offer a one-day menu option protein-vitamin diet.

Protein-vitamin diet: a portion of low-fat curds and two soft-boiled eggs Protein vitamin diet  from eggs to cook an omelet.) At lunch, eat grapefruit or orange, : Continue reading “Protein vitamin diet”

How does the protein diet for weight lose diet?

weight loss diet1. This diet protein diet is based on four stages or cycles, each cycle lasts for 17 days.
2. During the first cycle trying to detoxify the body, improve digestion and metabolism of nutrients.
3. A second cycle is based on the calorie confusion. During this stage, try to increase your metabolism and burn fat fast, to prevent stagnation.
4. At the start of the third stage, you start to add certain foods in appropriate amounts. In this cycle is slower thinning to achieve your weight coveted. Continue reading “How does the protein diet for weight lose diet?”

How much protein should I take it?

Proteins consist of amino acids are considered a macronutrient in our daily activities without them we would be impossible. As fats and carbohydrates, we have certain quantities of these in our body.

The problem arises in those who do not know how much protein you should take.
Proteins have two main functions in our body:

The best protein to gain muscle mass

Protein is essential for all those trying to gain muscle mass. During resistance training, small tears form in your muscles. Eating protein helps to repair these tears and also helps to gain muscle mass.

Therefore proteins are vital to the health of your muscles definitive. However, there are different types of protein and quality varies. Additionally, the amount of protein you need to consume should be increased if you exercise frequently.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people who participate in activities based on strength training, such as weightlifting, need to consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of weight. Continue reading “The best protein to gain muscle mass”

Machaca calories

Simply think of coaching can make you eat more. Kill those extra calories with these tips.

Whey powder and casein could be your secret weapon in weight loss, shooting burning calories for several hours. A new Swiss study found that the whey sprint carries the highest, while the casein is more useful to delay hunger. Try mixing milk powders, since 80% of the milk protein is casein. Continue reading “Machaca calories”

Skipping breakfast is healthy?

Some people think that you will lose weight faster if you skip breakfast. See if it works and if it is healthy.
In the morning the body takes many hours without nourishment, and brain glucose is calling loudly. In Addition, studies showing people who eat breakfast that fewer calories consumed throughout the Day. Saving measures are useless caloric morning. Continue reading “Skipping breakfast is healthy?”

Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks

These nutrition tips will help you hit the target and lose weight safely.
To lose weight, do not have to be radical. Recent studies by the Lincoln Medical Center NY (USA) show that small changes are more effective in the long term. The secret is to modify our behavior so we get access to our goals without having to make our life hell. Here are some tricks that allow you to give passports to fat, muscle definition and lose weight. Continue reading “Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks”

Benefits of soy

Soy has become one of the most important foods in recent years, only 5 years ago few knew it was soy, today all we know.

This vegetable is rich in vegetable protein and other nutrients are one of the most important sources of is flavored, compounds with similar chemical structure to estrogen.

Soy compared to other legumes, contributes as much iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, potassium and phosphorus, plus folic acid and other vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B6. Continue reading “Benefits of soy”