Pros and Cons Diets

DietA way of life, there are several thousands of years. About 1 billion people in the world today – the vegetarians! But at the dawn of its existence, the system united adherents of certain philosophical or religious beliefs, the vegetarian in the modern world – a man who wants to stay healthy, striving for active longevity. Significant role in vegetarianism is also given ethical dimension.

Vegetarianism is practiced for thousands of years in countries which were distributed to Indian religions – Buddhism , Hinduism. The first vegetarian society was founded in England in 1847 (it was called – The British Vegetarian Society). Continue reading “Pros and Cons Diets”

Russian diet-pros and cons

DietRussian cooking in the world is considered to be soup and pancakes. But, because this food diet can not be called in the so-called Russian diet includes very different products. A diet got its name because its authors were just Russian nutritionists.

Russian diet is based on reduced consumption of sugar and animal fat. That is no pancakes or nourishing borscht you do not have to eat. Moreover, it is necessary to forget about mayonnaise and any sauces, spices, sweets, as well as smoking, salting and alcohol. The only Russian dish that you are allowed and even shown Рis sauerkraut. It is considered by many nutritionists, improves digestion and metabolism.
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