Changing Habits Increasing Physical Activity

dietOne of the best ways to lose weight is to increase physical activity. Our energy we get from the feed and these are transformed into kcal, which is not being used is found to be harmful to the body. This is called energy balance, the relationship energy we consume with which we spend. The kcal unused generating accumulate fat, why spend this energy is ideal physical activity.

What does perform physical activities?

Is any movement by the body which causes a waste of energy? The greater the effort to do the movements, the higher the energy expenditure.

There are 3 types of physical activity: Continue reading “Changing Habits Increasing Physical Activity”

The ideal physical activity at each stage of life

 fitness tipsFrom 15 to 25 years

Physical exam, blood tests, electrocardiogram at rest and nutritional assessment . In the case of teenagers, as they are still growing, it is essential the evaluation of postural alignment to avoid exercises that could harm them. In support assessment will decide whether you need to use for physical activity, templates corrective and / or preventive. Continue reading “The ideal physical activity at each stage of life”