Figures after Party

Fitness after PartyHoliday party, we are not a joy and a pleasure, as it seemed to be, and feeling guilty for torn diet and extra pounds. This is not surprising. After all, as practice shows, festive food compared to a normal contains 20% more fat, 20% more salt, 25% less fat and 20% less calcium. Thus, the “healthy” or “useful” it did not name.

But all is not lost. The main thing now – do not indulge “the winds” and to try to fix the damage done to your figure.

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Saving the shape after a Christmas party and New Year 2013

New Year partyThe turn of the New Year holiday feasts, parties and banquets. Often, the day after that, we did not familiarity the joy and pleasure, and a sense of guilt for torn diet and additional pounds. There are various ways to help fix damage done to your body shape.

So, if before you eat too much fat, trying to quickly get back on the right track in no case did not go hungry. Instead, eat something light and contains no fat, cereal with skim milk, vegetables, and fruit. Continue reading “Saving the shape after a Christmas party and New Year 2013”