Why are Americans obese?

Let’s smash it down the name, a bit and make it more up lock and private. Take your favorite aunt her Martha to call and ask why is Aunt Martha obese?

The most obvious reply is that we eat too much and work out too little.

Martha certainly has a lot of company. There is ample proof that documents the connection between eating, exercising and obesity.

Optional daily calorie intake for adult men, on normal, about 2,700, for women, about 2,000. A recent survey indicated that the average daily calorie eating for Americans is 4,000. Small wonder, then, that: Continue reading “Why are Americans obese?”

Tips for parents of overweight or obese adolescents

obese adolescentsChild has a few extra pounds, do not behave like an authoritarian parent, but as a caring father and container. If rebukes him all the time by what you eat, you will get the opposite effect insurance. Remember, he’s a teenager.

• Encourage her, give her security, saying that it can achieve, that way it will be easier for him, because he will feel content.
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Diet for obese teenager

Weight loseTeenager and you have to lose weight. You realize that you have to change something, but do not know why or how to start. The diet is a very important issue for teenagers like you who suffer from overweight as it seeks to improve the quality of life, thinking not so distant future.
As a teenager you know why every day there are more young people who are overweight like you? , here the answers:
You make little to no physical activity.
You find many hours watching television, video games consoles or computer.
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