Losing weight – weight loss motivation

weight loss motivationThe motivation in our attempts to to weight lose and actually losing weight. Too more people have running diet plans and exercise programs with the best intentions and still to abandon these programs be said after weeks of dedication.This is mainly because they depend on view dramatic results almost overnight.

We must remember however that weight gain is not an overnight process, and neither is the weight loss. We, therefore, are patient with any weight lose program we’re involved in and allow time to see the kind of results you wish to receive later.
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50 ways to get your motivation to lose weight

This is the list of 50 small things you can do to get motivated to lose weight every single day.
1. Write your goals. “I want to lose 10 kilos in 2 months” for example.
2. Create an action plan. Routines, days, hours.
3. Put a deadline
4. Enter a contest
5. Motivational quotes placed throughout the house
6. Print the body of your dreams and paste in the refrigerator
7. Practice abdominal strength by putting a fitness ball as a chair
8. Let your screen saver say “Raise your ass and move a little”
9. Buy a few fitness magazines
10. Join a blog about exercise and weight loss
11. Educate every day a little more about nutrition, then apply what they learn in the same day.
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