Ten most facts about your weight

weigh loseWeight lose and diet fact that we are considered to be true a few years ago, now that scientists view can change radically. Besides, every now and then tracks all new factors affecting the weight and the ability to lose weight. Now many scientists are looking for new ways to the relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy, and various chemical processes in the body.

1. It really genetics. When scientists first discovered the gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and diabetes type 2, and they called it – “obesity geneĀ» (FTO). People who inherit the gene are usually overweight .
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The most appropriate diet

appropriate dietYou want to lose some kilos and has already started a diet, it is important to know that this should only contain healthy nutrients in required amounts.

If apart from the diet are exercising, the results will be more favorable achieving better fitness.

The best and most appropriate nutrients is to eat low fat, but hold back a high-energy for the body.
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