Moon Diet

DietMoon diet helps rid the body of harmful substances and do not have any negative impact. It does not interfere in the internal processes of the body. Slimming and other nice changes are seamless and natural. During the lunar effective diet is recommended to eat only clean fresh food. The main drink should be used to clean water.

The most important condition for a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. And according to astrologers – not just right, and even food in accordance with the lunar cycle. If you build a power system in accordance with the recommendations of the lunar calendar, it is possible not only to get rid of excess weight, but also from many diseases.

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Diet of the moon

Moon DietThe diet of the moon is a fad diet, allowing down to 2 kilos in a day.

The diet of the moon, is based on the theory that the body fluids tend to follow the rhythms of the tides, and as we know, are caused by the influence of the moon.

This diet lasts only 24 hours and it is fast when the moon changes its phase.
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Weight Lose Diet of the Moon

diet of the MoonWeight lose diet of the Moon is completely fast the days when the moon enters the new moon phases and moon and make fast half day when the moon enters the phases of waxing and waning.
But what does this really mean? The theory of the moon diet is based on the influence the moon has in liquid on our planet (the tides of the oceans), and our body, being composed of 80% liquid, is no stranger to this influence.
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