Metabolism and Weight Loss Are Ineffective?

Tips for extra weightWith the modern lifestyle of sitting more and moving less, often after the age of 25, the basal metabolic rate decreases year by year, and the weight increases year by year.

For those who do not want to exercise or have no time to exercise, but want to lose weight and are afraid of the many side effects of taking Western medicine diet pills, as well as the rebound effect of weight loss after stopping diet pills, thread embedding combined with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is effective and has no side effects such as weight loss. Continue reading “Metabolism and Weight Loss Are Ineffective?”

The diet for slow metabolism

dietEvery man and women overweight is the fault of my metabolism! This is the most frequent among the excuses that women use to justify the extra pounds, says the prof. Piercing Ross, medical specialist in Food Science and Preventive Medicine. In fact, the complex chemical reactions that occur in our body is regulated by several factors: age, sex, and muscle mass in the body.

But if we exclude hormonal dysfunction, individual variations in metabolism are limited. Metabolism is slow, rather, a consequence of overweight and not the cause. Continue reading “The diet for slow metabolism”

Metabolism for Vegetable Diet

diet planIn accordance with the characteristics of metabolism, all people can be divided into groups, where to allocate those interested in vegetable diet, those who may feel good on the protein diet.

Scientists and nutritionists have for years searched for ordinary patterns in food habits and the human figure. In this area, developed a set of theories and hypotheses, but in the middle of the last century, experts managed to establish this relationship, which is based on parallels between metabolism, eating habits, and figure.

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How to Speed up Metabolism

Women CelebrityThe faster your metabolism you can eat without gaining weight. Or you can lose weight faster as desired. Continue down.
Metabolism is the rate at which calories burned (kcal). The more calories burn faster or slower thinned fatter. Although there are various opinions on the matter are thought to be accelerated a bit. Continue reading “How to Speed up Metabolism”

Choosing to activating your metabolism

To lose weight you have to activate the metabolism. But and how is it done? Take note, today we give you the keys.

It tones the muscles
Muscle mass consumes much more energy than fat. And so the first thing we do is to work the muscles. If you cannot go to the gym and use machines, you can do at home using a couple of bottles of water.
You can do three days a week Continue reading “Choosing to activating your metabolism”

Foods that accelerate your metabolism

Part of a healthy weight and a fit body metabolism is a constant and caring, and part of That Can Be Achieved metabolism effortlessly with what you eat.

There are many foods and drinks That can put your metabolism into fat burning mode and Accelerate the burning of calories.

Here are some foods and drinks that can serve for this purpose… Continue reading “Foods that accelerate your metabolism”

Modify your metabolism to burn fat

As important as exercise if you want to burn fat and lose weight, you have to do more work.
To lose weight you have to change your lifestyle

Studies show that virtually any weight loss regimen can work, they do it.

A diet will not work unless it complies with two seemingly contradictory conditions: it must be different from what you are doing now, which means you must restrict your intake of what we now eat too much. Continue reading “Modify your metabolism to burn fat”

Metabolism as a foundation for choose a diet

MetabolismScientists and nutritionists have for years search for common pattern of food behavior and the human shape. In this area, developed a set of theory and hypothesis, but in the middle of last century, experts were able to establish this connection, which is based on parallels between the metabolism, eating habits, figure.

It turned out that it is possible to identify logical patterns between nutrition and general state of health. In accordance with the peculiarities of metabolism, all people can be divided into groups, which provide those interested in vegetarian diets, those who may feel good on the protein diet, as well as those who are in dire need of a balanced diet.
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