Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks

These nutrition tips will help you hit the target and lose weight safely.
To lose weight, do not have to be radical. Recent studies by the Lincoln Medical Center NY (USA) show that small changes are more effective in the long term. The secret is to modify our behavior so we get access to our goals without having to make our life hell. Here are some tricks that allow you to give passports to fat, muscle definition and lose weight. Continue reading “Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks”

4 exercises to burn calories

Put into orbit your metabolic rate with this exercise that will spend a lot of calories. With this routine will shoot the number of calories burned.


Put your back parallel to the ground, picks up two heavy dumbbells without bending the legs only. Tense the buttocks merge completely with your back straight (dead weight) and have the hips forward to get up. Continue reading “4 exercises to burn calories”