Protein Supplements for Women

Protein supplements The protein supplements should not be the same for men and women, and the protein (one of the most used) can not be less.

Why a protein supplement?

Women have special nutritional needs at different stages of life: pregnancy, menstruation, menopause … There are a multitude of supplements you can take that can help to improve your health overall. Proteins, as discussed above, are food manufacturers and benefit the health of the person, providing better cell recovery and a better break .
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Clinic Diet

Clinic dietThe Clinic diet is listed as one of the most popular diets in the world. Includes a 50% protein that belongs to the group of high protein diets.

By its name is believed to be sponsored by the prestigious American Mayo Clinic, but not, since that entity has denied being linked to this regime and has advised on numerous occasions, as some call it false Clinic diet Mayo. Continue reading “Clinic Diet”

Mayo Clinic Diet

Clinic dietThe weekly menu at the Mayo Clinic diet is as follows:
• Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and sweetener, 2 boiled eggs, 1 orange
• Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, a salad without oil and apple cider vinegar, coffee or tea without sugar.
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Medical conditions that make you Fat Loss

Medical Why many people do not lose weight or diets do not work, you do not follow the right program or because they do not comply as they should.
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