Weight Loss Plans

Weight lossIn diets that fit you will find the best partner to achieve a healthy weight. This enables you to have good health now and prevent the onset of diseases or diseases related to excess weight and thus an excess of body fat.

Diets with the plan to your needs not only effectively become slim, but you will easily and safely, ensuring your proper nutrition and weight maintenance over time. This way you’ll never regain the lost weight.

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Maintenance Schedule Diet

Weight loss, dietThe program for Staying Slim (PMD) or maintenance plan for the Schedule diet, is the continuation of the first phase of the Schedule diet for two weeks.

The Schedule maintenance plan is aimed at people who really need to lose more kilos. This program offers a list of foods to choose much larger, with many people continue to lose weight. If at the end of two weeks to Stay Slim Program needs to lose more kilos, you can go for two weeks at the first stage of the Schedule diet .
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Flash Diet-Protein Diet

Protein DietFlash Diet is a protein diet that is touted as the last diet. Give a quick weight loss promises to be more effective than the famous and controversial Dukan diet . Flash is a dietary regimen that is gaining strength and has been used by celebrities like Victoria Beckham.
Flash Diet is a diet to lose some weight, is indicated for serious problems of obesity. With her weight loss is achieved between 10 and 30 kilos in three or four months, says its creator, Dr. Manuel, who touted as a rehabilitation treatment that teaches eat and allows a large reduction in weight without starving and without suffering rebound.
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