Why is it significant to maintain a healthy weight

healthy weightA lot of people live in such a way that it does not lead to a healthy weight, have sedentary occupations and consume quantities of process foods without nutritional value, but does not understand that this way of life has made millions in people with are overweight or obese.

This lack of care can lead to more health problems such as heart conditions and / or diabetes. Continue reading “Why is it significant to maintain a healthy weight”

The diet for everyone

DietEating a varied and balanced, to lose weight and keep the weight off you have to follow a low calorie diet, without criminalizing fat but do not overdo it, says Dr. Marina Stone, dietitian at the Diagnostic Center Italian.

The ideal is to eat fish three times a week, and to dress always use extra virgin olive oil raw. The recommended diet is useful for reducing the pounds while keeping the energy you need to train three times a week. Continue reading “The diet for everyone”

Diet Maintainer Ideal

Diet TipsThis diet has been created for those people who feel they have reached their goal weight and want to recover the lost kilos already at the time.

When a person has reached or is close to their ideal weight should perform a maintenance diet, because if eating normally again would progressively take the weight off. Such regimes are more permissive, since the person is at your desired weight.

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How to maintain a standard weight

weight tipsPerhaps the most difficult problem that confronts a person who tends toward obesity and want to control is that of intellectually convinced that this is objectively manageable. This motivation is not reached before entering a weight reduction plan, you may be hard for you to achieve healthy goals to which it aspires.

In my case, with a height of 70.5 inches and 258 pounds, 75 years old and, with the physical conditions of hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia had tried previously supervised diets. Over time, these reverted to the familiar problem of the yoyo, gradual loss of weight with all its joys and subsequent increase in the pounds lost with its well-known frustrations.

This time, the motivation came remotely through reading a brief article in a local newspaper. This was offered a description of the dynamics involved in the treatment of weight control, which rests on three factors simultaneously monitored: the daily caloric intake, developing the habit and practice of some proper exercises to facilitate burn fat superfluous stored in tissues and close supervision of the expected changes through periodical medical examinations and rigorous. Continue reading “How to maintain a standard weight”

How can I Maintain My Figure

Slim figureOne of our readers share the tricks that have been effective at keeping her figure after having lost weight using diet, exercise and surgery. Continue down.

Our reader prefers to remain anonymous but these are his tips:

“I lost over 45 pounds (20 kilos) with diet and exercise and lost weight when I did because I had a tummy tuck stretch marks and excess skin after three pregnancies. After that I care for my figure because I know I can regain the lost weight. “

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How to maintain weight lose and fitness

Diet and fitnessIf you want to a long life, you maintain a diet routine, if occasionally you get a reach food you can estimate your calorie, after you lose calorie by exercise.

Health is wealth it know very well every body, we take care for itself, if take a food you can remember you calorie and body fitness you can not be a fatty, its a grate jobs to maintain I want live long, you can maintain your food calculation, food is our main this to live source, so its food can liability for our life. Its care fully to take care for your health.
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How to maintain a perfect figure

figurePerfect weight for years to come, you need to purchase a number of elementary habits and follow them, not giving in to temptation.

Country before dinner
According to studies, more body fat increases in those people who have to eat after eight in the evening most of calories. Dining is no later than 3-4 hours before going to bed.
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After the diet maintain weight.

maintain weightForget fast diets, drastic calorie, high protein (based on preparations of pharmacy) Binominal, the fat-burning soup etc Antidieta. Try to live healthily, curb obesity every day, controlling calories, make the fat away with a daily task balanced as diets to keep it well, without starving, in top form and without risk to their health.

Mediterranean diet pyramid: practice it eating lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy salads, legumes, olive oil, pasta and fish. Do not drink frequently: red meat, butter and fatty dairy products, pastries, sweets, etc. To take meat, better lean white meat .
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How to maintain or control weight

Maintain weightWeight loss does not happen overnight – it requires a lot of planning, monitoring, and remember, a lot of discipline, self-believe, determination and patience to succeed.

The first thing you need to do to maintain or control your weight correctly is your choice of daily food intake. A daily diet that includes adequate intake of fruits and vegetables and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water is essential for overall health and fitness and mental health.
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