What Is A Menu Macrobiotic?

Macrobiotic menuThe basic ingredients of this diet and its approximate ratio could be the following soups and fluids (5% – 10%), vegetables (5% – 10%), vegetables (20% – 25%) and cereals (50% – 60 %).

This diet is designed to rid your body any type of toxin and bring you vitality and wellness. Also, if you combine it with healthy principles of the Mediterranean diet (not so different) you can develop your own menu.
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Healthy and slim with a macrobiotic diet

Healthy fitnessDiet is a lifestyle you are looking for the physical and emotional balance through a healthy diet in which no place or man-made industrial products.

Although it sounds futuristic, this diet is of Japanese origin and is based on the principle of Ying and Yang of Zen philosophy abutment limiting the consumption of cold foods and debilitating  as sugar, dairy, honey or alcoholic beverages, and boosting the hot and tonic as cereals, vegetables and legumes, is looking for a physical balance that will bring in an inner well.
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Macrobiotic diet to lose weight

dietMacrobiotic weight lose diet is not just a diet plan. It is a way of life. If you are attracted to the concept of eating a natural, organic, plant-based diet (with a bit of fish) and adopt a Zen spirituality, both in life and food choices, then a macrobiotic diet this can be for you.

The macrobiotic diet regimen supports an Eastern philosophy of balancing foods to achieve a balance between yin and yang. To achieve this balance, foods are paired according to their tastes bitter, strong, characteristic salty, sweet or bitter.
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