Diet to lower triglycerides without weight loss

lower triglyceridesA person makes a triglyceride lowering diet often lose weight, because it reduces the fat and sugar consumption. The key to reduce triglycerides without weight loss,
is in the selection of foods. Choose:
• Dairy: Creamed.
• Egg: Whole no more than 3 units a week. You can eat egg whites every day, so you can add it to different preparations like mashed potatoes, puddings, soufflés, soups, etc..
• Meat: Mainly fish, skinless chicken and lean beef visible.
• Vegetables: All, preferably raw, if you eat cooked add white sauce dietary fat cheese, a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, etc.. These additions increase the caloric value of the plant without increasing fat content. Continue reading “Diet to lower triglycerides without weight loss”