Tips to Improve Your Healthy Life

healthy life1. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
A half-cup of cooked vegetables, a cup of raw leafy vegetables, or a small fruit whole account as a portion. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and other substances that can improve their healthy life and even prevent diseases.

It is difficult to discuss the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables: lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, problems, and probably some types of cancer, reduces the risk of digestive problems, and a positive effect of the sugar in the blood, which can help keep your appetite under control.
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Mediterranean diet extend the life

diet extend the lifeNumerous investigation have been conduct to date, and one after another do nothing but find positive things to our Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and fish, the latest research we have had facts has come to the conclusion that Mediterranean diet help make longer life.

Who does not want a extend life? To enjoy more and spend more time with our loved ones?. The vast greater part is what you want, and nothing would work better than usually eat vegetables and fish and less meat and dairy.
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Keep away from our children life form overweight

children dietA fat study by the Foundation Thao between 18,000 children from 3 to 12 years. The Foundation, whose president is Henri Garcia, promotes programs to avoid childhood obesity by adopting healthy habits. To do this, try to mentalist parents and professionals who are not on the importance of the problem. According to a spokesman for the Foundation Thao, the situation is alarming in the earliest ages.

Henri Garcia states that “excess weight is a threat to the future health of our children.” But the problems do not stay there. Although we question, and rightly so, certain aesthetic values of our society, and particularly the glorification of thinness, the fact remains that are present, and our children are immersed in them beyond repair, like it or not.
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Modify your life with keep fit

Modify your life Improve your health
Morning exercise – The best and most effective form of exercise is to implement a 45-minute circuit around the body, three times a week. Where possible, we suggest you train in the morning when the body is full of energy. It is important to eat at least an hour before, to keep the energy level, and you’re always well hydrated. Water should be the first thing you eat in the morning, personal trainer specializing in Nutrition.

Master your anxiety – People who are just starting an activity, often wonder how much it take to show results.
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A way of fitness life

FITESS LIFESpinach did that “Popeye” desarrollase some arms big and strong, these athletes also have a magic formula to get those oily and defined bodys:- weight lifting, good nutrition and appropriate times to rest.

Eugen Sandow, Prussian athlete and father of modern body building, was the first to exhibitions. Today, the game shows are not broadcast in a visual rather than highly specialized television channels and cause the mass audience does not feel empathy for the sport.
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