Lemon Diet for weight loss

Lemon Diet for slimMany nutritionists and specialists in the field of weight loss is recommended to use lemon diet. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of acid, which promotes the breakdown of fat, accelerate metabolism, blocking hunger, strengthening of gastric juice, and thus improve digestion. Also contained in the lemon pectin, vitamin C. Lemon diet is universal. Using it, you do not have to strictly limit the amount of food consumed and constantly counting calories. However, some limitations still exist:

Limit, and it is better to completely stop the use of products containing in its composition a large amount of starch cereals, potatoes, pasta, pastries. Fried foods should be replaced on the boiled and baked. Continue reading “Lemon Diet for weight loss”

Lemon diet

Lose weight A detox diet that can be done once or twice a year to cleanse the body while losing weight.
The lemon diet is restrictive, so it should not make more than five days, which is the right time.
The lemon diet exploits the properties of this fruit that besides being diuretic and inflammatory, has great slimming properties that are well known. Obviously, this system uses lime as a base, with vegetables, fruits and meats. Continue reading “Lemon diet”