Dangers of laxatives to lose weight

lose weightThe laxatives– First of all we mention it’s very unsafe to use them in this way and it should not. We’ll tell you why, pay close attention!
Long ago beliefs prevail that said the use of laxatives helped a less fat absorption. Hence, many people use them for these purposes; however, this practice can bring us many problems. Continue reading “Dangers of laxatives to lose weight”

Laxatives to lose weight

lose weightLose weight and at some point have considered using laxatives for that purpose. Is this an effective way to lose weight and, more importantly, is healthy?
Frustrated by diets, women may resort to laxatives in an effort to prevent the absorption of food through the intestines, the reasoning is that if the food passes quickly through the digestive tract, the lower the fat and calories that come in the body. Continue reading “Laxatives to lose weight”