Kill the fat icy your fat cells

In many cases neither dieting and or crushed in the gym with all kinds of exercises are sufficient to eliminate localized fat areas such as the Michelin or rolls that may appear on the abdomen, and back. To remove them we can use Cool Sculpting, an innovative technology based on the effect of cold, which follows in the footsteps of Electrolysis technique, and achieved in just one session, eliminating those localized fat cells through a process of controlled cooling.

 The treatment is far from the surgery as it is done with a machine. The device is applied to the areas in which we have accumulated fat and acts directly on cells. In less than two hours, fat cells freeze and crystallize, getting cold by gradually reducing cell death and cell fat, in a process called “induced apoptosis” . Thus, after treatment with Cool Sculpting, fat cells enter a sequence of apoplectic death and the body is phased out. thus manages to reduce localized fat 20% in the treated area in the weeks and months and can see their results at 2 months maximum. Starting the third week and are starting to show the benefits of treatment in a very natural way. Continue reading “Kill the fat icy your fat cells”